A cinderella of sorts

found on www.deviantart.comphoto found on www.deviantart.com

A few nights ago I had an interesting dream that took me a while to figure out, but I got it days later. I was on a bridge over water, I think it was a river but it looked like the bridge on Lake Shore Drive I run over on my long training runs. Anyway, I only had one shoe on and I needed to find another. I believe it was my right foot that was shoe-less.

I saw that I had a shoe under the seat of my bike which was stashed there by a friend and I pulled it out, but my main concern was a baby shoe I had before me. I had to be sure this tiny white leather sneaker wouldn’t fall through a grate that hung just above the surface of the water, and with nimble finger tips I cautiously plucked and balanced the little shoe, lifting it ever so gently as my face pressed through spider webs and my head dipped deeper into a small dark hole through the steal beams of the bridge. I almost had control of the shoe, just between two fingers, one from each hand, but it slipped and I watched it fall. But I never saw a splash, instead before my eyes resting on the bottom of the watery body below was a giant shoe. It was the sized of a small European car, smaller than the US mini. That was it. I woke up and milled it over and over again for the next several days to come.

Now in waking life I have a great love affair with the meaning of legs. I think everywhere you look you will find some metaphor or another revealing, just as dreams do, the truth of our existence. To me, my legs and feet in particular represent my mobility in the world. They are how I get around, they are how I make my stance, and get a leg up on things. My legs are my freedom and my power. They are my getaway sticks and they are the strongest physical part of my body.

Your legs represent just where you stand in the world. My dream was about that exactly. I had a choice to make, which shoes would I choose to fill? I was so preoccupied with a tiny little toddler tenny that I didn’t even notice the giant God shoe beckoning to me from the deeper part of my self. And it wasn’t even that deep in the water. I did have to go a little beyond my comfort zone to actually catch a glimpse of it, just like a sort of modern day Persephone in cliff notes. But the spider web didn’t even phase me in my dream state, it was when I was awake and reflecting that I was grossed out by that.

This dream is symbolic of what I believe is the truth for all of us existing in this matrix of a dream world today. We are all Neo. There is no chosen one, save the choice you make for yourself. I believe we are all God and that shoe is waiting there within our reach just out of our typical awareness, hoping to be filled.


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