Quantum Touch, another one of the facets of the jewel that makes up the divine human

I guess I’m on a health modalities kick this weekend, but for those of you who have never heard of Quantum Touch (introduced by Richard Gordon) You should really check out this video. It’s probably the simplest technique I have ever learned to use, next to Reiki, and used in conjunction with Reiki it is phenomenal. Richard Gordon taught me and over 300 other people at a two or three day hands on seminar in Chicago how to administer QT, years ago. One of his partner practitioners that accompanied him on stage used it when his wife was in the hospital giving birth to their child. He asked the nurses if he could hold an isolated crack baby that was hooked up to all kinds of machinery in an incubator and they agreed. He put on the protective garments placed the child’s tiny body in the palm of his hand and began running the energy. He returned for weeks, even after his wife had returned home with their healthy baby, and administered QT to the premi child. The baby made incredible advancements toward perfect development and health and the man and his wife ended up adopting him as their own. At the time of the QT class, he said the kid (at this point at least a toddler) was just like any other kid in their neighborhood with no signs that he was ever a premi or a crack baby.

My class fell upon the weekend that the US first bombed Afghanistan after the Sept 11th chaos and confusion incident. We heard about our attacks while in the conference hall and some 350 people or more were led through a deep healing meditation to help curb the violence that was being unleashed at the moment. I wonder if we actually helped. It definitely affected me.

Anyway I witness bones shifting into place right under my finger tips, saw auras for the first time and a new world of planetary healing and possibility opened up before me. It’s so easy to learn, it is simply a breathing technique that involves mental imaging. Really cool stuff.


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