Dreaming of planetary alignments with only one shoe on


I just woke from an interesting dream wrought with symbolism.  I can’t really find a resource yet that details exactly what shoes represent (that makes sense to me) but I seem to have this symbol  fairly regularly in my dreams.  See my older post “A Cinderella of sorts” 

First I went shopping for work (I actually do that from time to time in real life except not for this…) looking for a button.  Ha ha.  But I had to jump a shuttle bus with my old work friend Jeffery to find it.   (He used to get very frustrated at my job when we worked together,) We stopped at two different places with no luck, then we ended up at a museum/Discovery Channel store if you will.  I had to check my bag and one shoe, and proceeded to walk around limping with one shoe on and one off.  I knew it was weird but it didn’t really bother me.

Jeffery got caught up in a personal shopping spree and someone said to me, are you really ready to get into this with him? (meaning waisting time on matters not currently of the main focus) I thought, I don’t really mind.  I let him get lost in racks and then took off on my own, one shoe on and one bare foot.

A clerk saw me and said, “you are such a four year old!” I smirked and thought, “Yeah, I guess I am. Cool,” and ducked down a dark hallway where huge doll houses awaited examination.  (Too many details here but to shorten it up…) I ended up near a check out where a very Barbie-esque looking woman and her Barbie-r looking daughter were sitting and waiting to be checked out, on beds.  They looked at me shocked at my appearance, and I looked back in awe at their beauty.  I smiled goofily.  They smiled back.  I sat on a bed near theirs which happened to be an old warn out futon mattress with uncomfortable bars underneath.

Next, I am gathering my stuff to get back to the shuttle.  I have a roundish silver coffee kettle, (my own actually) and hundreds of paper circles from a series of perforated pages of planets, all different sizes.  These are the hardest to gather, as they keep slipping out of my grip and I clutch them to my breast.  These weren’t really mine I gathered them in the store and finally decide to just shove them in my pocket because I can’t handle them all. (interesting!) Then these two older gentlemen professors are in a dark hallway discussing astronomy.  I ask them to share what they are so excited about with me.

Whispering, one starts to reveal that in the night sky sometime between 2AM and 6AM hundreds of planets will come into alignment and he feels it is very intriguing in light of our current political wars going on here on our own planet.  He must whisper so he doesn’t get caught sharing his political views by his bosses.  He said the nearest relative to us was some name (I don’t remember what, but I looked it up just to see if it would ring a bell, it didn’t.  I got the name of a sun online called Proxima Centauri)

That’s pretty much it.

I want to say that the shoes, one on, one off represent the footing I take in the world.  The one foot was bare and I felt it slap the linoleum as I walked – signifying perhaps sensitivity, intuition? A closer connection to things? Vulnerability? The other foot buffered and protected, sanitized. But these two differences caused me to be rather goofy and awkward in my gate.  I am also very conscientious about my bare feet in my waking life.  They are almost as off limits for showing as my breasts.

And then I was called a 4 year old which totally resonated with me, like being like the child as Christ recommends for entering the kingdom of heaven.  (no insecurities of bare feet and no breasts on a 4 year old!) Then there are two men discussing the heavens.  Some sort of galactic alignment, signifying peace and unity in the universe, opposite to our own planetary war like mindset.

Also I can’t handle all of the planets at my heart, I had to shove them in my hoody!  It is overwhelming?

I finished Eckart Tolle’s A New Earth yesterday and played with the experience of being completely in the now as much as I could remember to keep myself, the ego, in check.  Perhaps this dream was heavily influenced by his book.  I really really dig it!

Oh and buttons are a fun thing for me.   When I do find them I put them in my  pocket and say, “I just found a million dollars!”  Because I know on some level it is just as easy to bring $$$ into my life as it is to bring something as seemingly mundane as a button.  I have a jar overflowing of found buttons in my home.

Anyway feel free to share if you have ideas of your own about this one!


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