May is for Mary

Several years ago, probably almost six years ago, I met a woman who drew images on newsprint with craypas detailing what she observed in my aura.  It must have taken place in April very close to May because one of the things she told me, and she told me a lot, was that May is devoted to Mary the Virgin.  It is actually a Catholic thing, to devote months to their patron saints.  Well, I was raised Catholic (not practicing today) and I never knew this about May.  She told me that every morning if I give the day to Mary to handle, wonderful things would happen in my life.  So I did it and it was a phenomenal May.  I don’t remember much of what happened, I think it was just a magical month of small miracles, but I do recall eagerly anticipating the next May to devote to Mary.  Every year I remember around – oh – May 27th, and so lose the opportunity.  This year however, you can see that I remembered!

This is what she told me to do.  Say a small prayer each morning and dedicate the day for Mary.  Thank her for her loving guidance and then go about your day.

So Mary!  Here’s to you! Take it away will you?  Thanks!


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