Helping your pets with energy medicine

Just to note, that is not a picture of me, but I am a Reiki master, animal communicator and eternal student of all healing beneficial to the mind, body, and spirit that should come up in my awareness. I have so many great stories about things that have had happened with my four legged babies and me. I have listed a few of them in this blog deeper in the archives.

I find animals can be even more responsive to healing intentions and energies than people. I do have my people who keep returning for more, but animals are so much more appreciative and gracious in the way they treat the treatment. What I mean is, I get the sense that they know what it is I am doing for them and sort of promise me, without words, that they will go forth after the treatment in a manner that will foster the energies I have shared, and help the energy to continue working. People go right back doing the very stressful activities that brought the ailment on in the first place. Animals seem to say, “Thank you I needed that. I won’t abuse my body in that way ever again!”

My dog recently had a swollen neck that was uncharacteristic of his body. His jowls hung low and puffy over his collar yesterday morning. I asked if he was okay, he let me know he had a burning in his throat. So after spending a lot of time with Donna Eden’s book Energy Medicine, and applying the spinal flush on myself to assuage a sore throat, I tried it on my dog. It involves tracing the length of the spine from the bottom of the skull down, with a finger on either side. It’s a massage in a sense, but for the animal I was tender with my pressure. The practitioner will start moving down the side of each vertebrae, and lingering with some pressure in the pockets between for about 5 seconds or so, then move to the next until you complete the length of the spine. When complete take your hand and simply sweep the energy down from the skull to base of spine 3 times as if you were brushing long hair.

The first evening he looked so much better, but still was uncomfortable. There was still a bit of swelling so I did it again. By the morning the swelling was significantly smaller. He still had some discomfort so I worked on him a couple more times that day. This morning he looks almost perfect, his pain is gone and I am continuing to work on him. I don’t know if the spinal flush was what did it or not, but I was going to take him to the vet at first, but decided to see if he would respond to the flush instead. Now I don’t have to shell out a ton of cash at the vet and my baby is much better.

I think the tender work at home is so much better. He didn’t have to go through the stress of the vet’s office visit sending his cortisol levels through the roof, and he knew that I was working on him to help him. If you have pets at home, I suggest trying some fun techniques on your little ones if they’ll let you. Remember to work on yourself first, and bring your stress levels down to a peaceful place before you begin on your animals. They tend to be sponges and take on a lot of the crap we bring home because that is their nature. It’s like they would rather do the suffering for us than watch us go through our own pain. They are angels in the flesh. Be careful with them and with yourself because when you hurt, you could be hurting for two or more.


4 thoughts on “Helping your pets with energy medicine

  1. Great that you have tried these energy techniques with your dog. I can tell you from experience that they are a safe, natural and gentle way to bring balance to your animal and aid in their healing. I’ve studied Donna’s work since 1999. By the way, the name of her book is Energy Medicine. A new edition is being published this August (2008).

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