The Humods Project

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The Humods Project ~ Breakthroughs in nano/bio molecular engineering are turning our tools, appliances, homes and vehicles into ever smarter cognobots and turning us into humods, beings modified to enhance our minds, bodies and lifespans. The Humods Project tracks these breakthroughs and suggests memes to encourage the development and use of these super-empowering technologies.

Meme 1: Within the systemic complexity of our Universe is a mechanism that generates an endless abundance of unique lifeforms and requires those lifeforms to develop increasing levels of complexity, including a greater level of intelligence than humans currently enjoy, in order to avoid extinction. Our Universe is biased towards generating intelligence, and lifeforms failing this challenge are systematically removed by one of the many extinction causing events our Universe utilizes to sweep away its failures.

Meme 2: Asteroids and comets impact, rouge black holes roam, erupting super volcanoes bring on ice ages, species-ending plagues breakout, mega solar flares erupt from stars like ours that could fry the surface of our planet, as conceivably could a gamma ray burst from a restive black hole. We already know of many ways our Universe can bring about the extinction of lifeforms that fail to obtain sufficient knowledge to spread their kind across multiple star systems, and there are likely to be others that we don’t yet know about.

Meme 3: Extropy is life. Rewards flow to those that are constantly rethinking, refining and adjusting their techniques to better meet the opportunities and challenges ahead. Open minds that systematically use tools like the Scientific Method to delve into the nature of our Universe are rewarded with knowledge that prevents our extinction, cures our diseases, lengthens our lifespans, makes our toils less burdensome, and our lives more rewarding.

Meme 4: Dogma is death. A mechanism within the natural order of our Universe causes adopters of dogmas or other destroyers of extropy to suffer. Struggles over conflicting tribal, cultural and religious dogmas have cost uncountable millions of lives. Dogmas routinely plunge populations into famine and civilizations into ruins. Dogmas foster death, deprivation, starvation, stagnation, and implant within the minds of our children superstition and fear.

Meme 5: Change is risky, but these risks must be intelligently faced, because obsession with risk avoidance causes stagnation and eventual extinction.

Meme 6: Avidly pursue and utilize technologies empowering you to expand your cognitive capability and lifespan. Such upgrades help to insure that we can accomplishing all that we must in a timely enough manner to avoid extinction.

Meme 7: First strive to find and maximize your own talents. Then direct your efforts and resources towards fostering the breakthroughs necessary to develop all of the technologies we must have to insure the survival of our kind.

Meme 8: Oppose the development of super-empowering technologies for destruction, terror, surveillance and control.

Meme 9: Spreading our memes to more minds is vital to the survival of our kind.

PRINT THIS PAGE AND POST IT AT UNIVERSITIES AND LABS (a setting of 80% in the Firefox print function will fit it all on one page).

CROWD SOURCED ~ send proposed changes or additions to ~ humods [at] gmail [dot] com


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