It’s Time To Join The Shift With Barbara Marx Hubbard

Are you interested in being at the forefront of CHANGE?

Below is an email I received about Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Agents of Conscious Evolution Training course on Conscious Evolution.   Below is an email I received from Stephen Dinan of The Shift Network.

“Something extraordinary ignited in the last 10 days after our Activation call with Barbara Marx Hubbard on Birth 2012, for which 19,500 have now registered.

This week we launched the Agents of Conscious Evolution (ACE) Training that will prepare people for leadership roles in what lies ahead, and we’ve had now over 200 people sign up in the first 3 days – an unprecedented response.

Here’s my theory: we all have a set of soul codes – call them our core life intentions – to be part of this larger Shift. We made these intentions before we were even born. For many of us we’ve gotten lost in the patterns of the world, often feeling alone, trying to improve things where we can, but despairing at making a real difference.

However, a deeper part of us knows that something far more beautiful, even breathtaking, is possible and that it requires a collective power to activate

I suspect that’s why you ended up on our email list and were drawn to become part of our movement. And by Barbara announcing a Birth Date for the new humanity on Dec. 22, 2012, those soul codes lit up in thousands of people who are now saying, “It’s time.” The creative optimism and energy that’s been unleashed is exhilarating.

Now truly is the time when we are called to wake up, get active, and give our highest gifts in service to the world (and the next generations). We are each aware of the problems and feel the pain of those problems. But what we need is the OXYGEN to feed our soul fire, to fan the flame of our life’s purpose, to ignite something far larger than any of our lives or dreams or visions.

It’s an evolutionary movement of spirit-infused, peaceful, creative, caring, and innovative social entrepreneurs who are building the new template for the next thousand years when we outgrow the competitive destruction of the last era.

And we CAN create that turning point moment – large enough that the world takes notice. It is within our capability. And it will require all of our greatest gifts.

That’s why we’re activating the ACE Training: we’re giving you the best preparation to liberate your gifts and play your highest role. That’s why we’re building as an extraordinary platform for synergy. That’s why we’ll be adding more media, events, music, and retreats. All to weave together the people who already know they are part of the “wake-up team.”

It really is a global movement, not just of people, but of souls who incarnated for this purpose – to make the Shift in time for humanity.

Let’s do it. For real. Holding nothing back.”

Click here to find out more and to register for this life/world changing course!


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