Astral Traveling and Out of Body Experiences Q & A

I get a lot of responses to a post I put up a while ago about 7 steps to your first out of body experience.  Here’s the latest that I want to share with you all:

This is what freaks me out. I’m new and freaked out a bit.. I saw the movie insidious.. And I don’t want that kind of experience, but what kind of experience will I get? Someone help me answer these questions, please!

___________ My response below.


First you have to consider the source of this movie to which you are referring – from the people who brought you SAW. Saw is considered torture porn. So the movie Insidious (though I have never seen it and I likely never will) was created for the purpose of bringing the viewer into a fearful state. Not good for the soul. When you start to look into things like the fact that we are all energy, everything in the physical world is energy, and everything has an energetic vibrational output – you have to ask yourself a few questions.
1. How can you tell the higher and lower vibrational differences between people, movies, music, and media?
answer – you should ponder this yourself, but here’s a clue: higher vibrational people and information make you feel really good, empowered, and often times it makes you feel a sense of empowered certainty. Lower makes you feel fear. Fearful people are powerless, easy to manipulate and unclear about what to do next.
2. Can lower vibrations effect me, and bring me to a lower place myself?
answer – look up entrainment theory…
3. What does it take to ensure your vibrational status remains typically higher?
answer – meditation, eating healthy organic foods, more veggies less meat, and avoiding things like the nightly and daily news, torture porn, television in general. This list can be quite endless. A wonderful empowering resource everyone should look into and use on a regular basis is EFT. Also look at youtube for hundreds of EFT sessions – some are crap, but people like Brad Yates, Margaret Lynch and Carol Look are wonderful places to start.

Lastly I want to stress that you should NEVER try astral travel or leaving your body when you are coming from a fearful place. Just don’t do it. Work on yourself and find your seat of power through right thinking (non-judgmental – I don’t recommend looking to dogma or religious prejudices when I use this term) and power through meditation. I hear yoga is a great tool for getting yourself into higher vibrational alignment as well. When you are ready, you will know it. Good luck and take care of yourself.

As far as what to expect, I can’t even begin to tell you. It is very personal for everyone, and the astral realms are limitless as to what they are like.  I used to bounce on my ceiling when I was a kid.  Can’t really give you more on it than that from my perspective.

Peace to you all-



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