Terrence McKenna Brings Us Closer to Answering the Age Old Question, “Why Are We Here?”

“The break between nature and man has been overstressed, I think. We should realize that, when we look at the global ecology, we see there must be a species like us, or otherwise it would mean that evolution gives up at the planetary level. That somehow if it encounters the edge of the atmosphere, it just says, ‘Okay that’s it. If a star goes we all go, and there’s no way around that.’ But actually the obvious way around that is a technical species, a minded species that will open a hole using energy and understanding through which everything could escape if it had to.” Terrence McKenna

How’s that as food for thought?  It kind of makes me think that the quest for my own personal purpose in life has been a bit miscalculated.  Everything has its place. We are each here to do what we feel most compelled towards doing. Your innate cravings to be an artist, writer, speaker, dancer, mathematician, teacher, whatever, are made of the stuff that turns the Earth in it’s rotation.  Perhaps the reason we are enduring major crises on this planet has much to do with the fact that most of us spend our days earning a living doing what we really don’t want to be doing. If nature is brave enough to take a risk by creating us in order to move toward expansion, we should at least return the favor by being that which makes us sing inside and out.


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