Out of Body Experience in 8 Steps

I find a lot of people love to contact me for advice on how to achieve “OBEs” When I was a child I used to easily lift out of my body at bedtime and float upon the ceiling. I thought of it as being like a helium filled balloon bouncing upwards.

I have since discovered that it isn’t as easy, now that I’m an adult, but I still have managed to accomplish it a few times over the years.  Here’s my step by step recipe for achieving an OBE with practice.

It takes patience and time, so give yourself permission to gradually get there. If you try too hard, or try to rush into your first Out-Of-Body, you will fail, no questions. I like to get into a meditative state first, so that is step one.

1. Set a time everyday to go into a safe space where you can meditate. Try to meditate in the same space at the same time each day.  Don’t miss a day if you can help it.

2. Lie down on your back, close your eyes, preferably in a dark space but not necessarily. Now focus on your body. Notice where you are tense or in pain, itching, hot, cold etc.

3. Tell your body to find a balance. Visualize the places in your body that are distracting you, as blocks of ice, and see them melting. As the ice melts, so should your pains/discomforts.

4. Now, state outloud, (quietly if need be) “I am counting backwards from 8 to 0, and with each consecutive number I will relax more and more deeply. When I reach Zero, I will come out of my physical body, fully aware and fully present.”

5. Starting with your focus on your toes and feet, say the number 8 outloud, though soft almost as a low relaxed whisper. Now travel mentally all the way up your body, noticing inside and out of each of its parts how you are relaxing. Imagine your veins relaxing, your membranes, bones and cartilage, cells, and organs all relaxing as you slowly climb up to your scalp. In your head feel your forehead, jaw, tongue, eyes and hair follicles let go and relax. Breathe deeply and slowly.  Continue to do this with each number, going deeper and deeper in relaxation until you reach zero.

6. When you reach zero, lie there for a while and simply enjoy the feeling of deep relaxation.

7. Bring your focus to your third eye. Do you see a blue pin spot.  Without effort maintain focus on the pin spot, don’t have an agenda, if it disappears, let it go without thought. It will likely come back if you stay relaxed and focus on the black space of the inside of your forehead. Relax your forehead. Relax the eyes.

8. When you are ready, mentally roll out of the side of your body gently.  Don’t visualize but rather feel your body roll to the side as if you were physically rolling off the bed. You may have to attempt this roll several times.  Whatever happens, do not lose the state of relaxation you have achieved.

You might have to do this for weeks, months or even years before you achieve an OBE, but if you practice meditating every day at the same time, it probably won’t take you years.

Let me know if you have success with my method, or if you have a totally different technique that works, and be sure to hit the reply link below to share the details or ask questions.


2 thoughts on “Out of Body Experience in 8 Steps

  1. I have experienced obe many times in my life, it was almost every night when I was a child. But at the time I didn’t know what it was, I didn’t tell anyone cause I didn’t think anyone would understand, and they would think I’m crazy. I finally did tell a friend that I really trusted, and she told me that I am not crazy. She put a name to it for me and So I looked it up and read books about it, and it all makes sense.. but as I got older I seem to have an obe less and less, it just didn’t come naturally anymore. Now its been years since I had an obe. Can you help me understand why I just can’t achieve that experience anymore?

    • Unfortunately as we get older we are exposed to conditioning that limits our personal freedom to experience these innate technologies. The fact that you were afraid of telling your story to others for fear of criticism is simply a symptom of our conditioning, and it was the beginning of you cutting yourself off from your own power. Heck, I did it too. I am beginning to research something called kratom. It is an herb that has the potential to help us access our consciousness a bit more deeply. Listen to this awesome interview on Red Ice about it: Scroll down to “Jonny Enoch – Kratom & The Multiverse” to listen, http://www.redicecreations.com/radio3fourteen/

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