The Mass Awakening is at Hand

Recently, while in the shower, I realized that I had a dream of a mass awakening.  The details are slim and vague, but while shampooing my hair I got the glimpse of an image of people picking themselves off the ground, awakening from a long deep slumber.  That’s it.  It’s all I remembered of my dream, but I sighed a wonderful exhalation of relief.  All this time I’ve been chasing windmills, while the natural inclination of our species is to just pick ourselves up, dust off and awaken.  I love this image, brief and simple, but really powerful to me.  I think the work of revealing the lies and game plan of the Global Cabal Construct is still very necessary and important, but we are immensely powerful beings, and once we all begin to get a glimpse of what’s behind the curtain, we shall emerge the unlimited force we have always been meant to express ourselves as.

The awakening is at hand.  We are witnessing the event horizon!



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