The 5 Secret Keys to Abundance

Are you ready to get off the abundance roller coaster?  I am too.
I’m going to listen in on this call and I figured I’d share this with anyone else out there who might want to as well.
Have you ever noticed that manifestation seems to come easily to some people and not so easily to others?
Some people just seem to have the “golden” touch and others… well… they just don’t!

My friend, Edward Mills, was one of those who didn’t have the golden touch.

He spent a long time struggling to manifest more of the things he wanted. He rode the abundance roller coaster for many years, enjoying the feast times and mucking through the famines, before finally saying “Enough!”

After trying different strategies and methods and techniques without finding any lasting success he decided to go straight to the source… to the people who obviously knew how to manifest what they want and were doing it consistently and easily.

You see, Edward distilled what he learned from interviewing all those Abundant Mystics into 5 keys to manifesting what you want, and he realized all 5 of those keys have to be activated if you really do want to get more of what you want!

When he looked back at the times in his life when he was getting more of what he wanted all 5 of them were activated and humming along.

What else he figured out . . . Those times when he was struggling to manifest what he wanted or was getting more of what he DIDN’T WANT, at least one of the manifestation keys was missing in action!

He actually discovered that it’s actually really EASY to
activate all 5 of those keys. In fact, he says it only takes about 15 minutes a day to get them all humming along in your life. He developed a super simple and fun system for activating the 5 keys and he wants to show us how we can do it, too!

Edward is now the Director of Tele-summits for The Shift Network, one of the fastest growing personal and spiritual development training companies in the world, offering courses with Barbara Marx Hubbard, Lisa Nichols, Lynne McTaggart, Gay and Katie Hendricks and many more.

Because he loves sharing this information so much he’s agreed to offer a complimentary Shift Network training call on the 5 Keys to Manifesting More of What You Want…Consistently!

On this call you’re going to learn:

  • A powerful Visioning exercise that can immediately give you an attitude adjustment (you’ll like it!)
  • The 3-step process for choosing which of your desires to turn into Intentions (because while it’s true that you can get ANYTHING you want… you can’t get EVERYTHING you want!)
  • A total no-brainer tool for instantly releasing beliefs that hold you back (don’t laugh at how simple it is… because it works!)
  • The most insanely easy way to raise your vibration in 15 seconds or less
  • A “mind-hack” you can use to trick yourself into taking actions that scare you

Edward is an inspiring teacher who is passionate about this topic because he doesn’t want you to spend as long as he did in the cycle of feast or famine. He really wants to share these 5 keys with you so that YOU can create a life of TRUE Abundance NOW!

The call is on Wednesday, August 8th, but register even if you can’t make the call because they’ll be sending out a recording.

Oh, and Edward is giving away an awesome bonus just for signing up. It’s the recording of the Abundant Mystic interview he did with Joe Vitale. You’ll get instant access to it just for registering for the call!

Sign up for the free call and get the MP3 recording here:


P.S. Whether you’re riding that abundance roller coaster or whether you’re stable but just not growing as much as you’d like activating these 5 keys to manifesting more of you want will help you create MORE abundance in your life. And it won’t take a lot of work… just 15 minutes a day will make a big difference!


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