The Century of the Self

This is one of the most comprehensive, entertaining, and informative documentaries that details who we are, why, and how we got here as a political mess today. I can’t recommend watching it enough. I recommend taking it in chunks and watching it over a series of four evenings, an hour each evening. It will help answer many questions we all have, and possibly give rise to a wealth of new questions that will only make your life richer through expansion of the mind.

The video that follows this one on the blog (Psywar) is a crucial compendium to The Century of the Self. I just watched it for the first time today and really encourage everyone, no matter where he or she identifies on the political spectrum, to take the time and watch this one as well. This is an education that we should have received in grade school. The world would be an amazing place if everyone was aware of this information. Spread these far and wide, please!

Knowledge like this and applying the Law of Attraction purposefully will free us from our own prisons. These videos will reveal for you, the bars of your cage.  Now go get that metal file and start sawing away!


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