How to Bring More Joy, Peace, Prosperity, Clarity, and Love Into Your Life

It has been on my to do list for several weeks now, to write down daily actions I need to start taking to empower myself, and take back my life from the noisy, chaotic world I spend most of my time in.  I know that if I just focus my activities better and consistently, I can begin to make progress toward my life goals again, and stop feeling lost and out-of-control.

So today, I finally took the time to sit down and draft this list up, but instead of just brainstorm vomiting it all out onto a piece of paper, I chose to meditate first. I sat down, closed my eyes, got my chakras filling up with light, connected my root to the center of the earth, and connected my crown to the brightest pool of light in the heavens, and without planning on it, I simply started to feel my body lightening up and expanding.  I had no agenda, except getting centered. When I felt enough time had passed, I centered on my heart and asked it to help me work out a daily plan of action to bring more peace and prosperity, joy and love into my life. Then I went back to simply feeling light and expansive until I felt complete.

I wasn’t expecting what I got, but I simply sat here and let what follows flow from my finger tips. I really like it, so I want to share it here:

How to Bring About More of What You Want In Your Life

1.  Upon waking, try to remember your dreams. Write them down if you have the time, or record them on a voice recorder while you are getting ready for work or driving in your car.

2. While you are in the shower, imagine the water flowing over your body to be liquid sunlight, washing away any fear, pain, doubt, trouble. See your body fill up with this light so that it is coming out of your pores.

3. Remember to take conscious breaths throughout the day.  3 conscious deep breaths to center you each time, and imagine white light pouring into your heart chakra as if it was your breath, and white light exiting from your heart chakra as you exhale. 3 conscious heart breaths whenever you remember to do it, throughout your day.  Add a joyful thought to those heart center breaths and you are good to go on to the next task.

4. Before each meal, silently give thanks to and for the food you are about to eat. Breathe.

5. In the evening, as you walk through your front door, give thanks to your house. Be grateful for all that you have. It can be a 16 second process, but remember to give thanks to your shelter, and the quiet it brings you, when you shut the door to the loud busy world outside. Treat it like a temple.

6. Take time at some point in the evening to meditate. Close your eyes and get in touch with your body, energetic system, chakras, peacefulness. Be still. When you are still, when you feel your energies expand around your body, imagine yourself doing what you love to do. Just love it. Don’t try to force it. Don’t make it a chore. Don’t stress about it and attach an agenda. Just see in your heart, from that place of stillness, you being joyful, doing what you love.

7. At night, go to bed with peaceful thoughts. Relax your body from your feet up to your head as you drift off to sleep, thinking “peace” in each muscle, “peace” in your veins, “peace” in each breath. Breathe peace, slowly, gently, and easily. If you need to, you can also intend while drifting off to sleep, to remember your dreams when you wake in the morning.


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