Channeling the Heart

I don’t usually like to read channeled works on the internet, though I have an affinity for a few channels. I can never seem to get my fill of the Abraham-Hicks channeled information, and Neal Donald Walsch’s Conversations With God : An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 1) in particular, changed my life in ways too numerous and amazing to tell. So channeling isn’t off limits to me, in fact I have channeled a little myself. I’m just very skeptical. Most people who are claiming to channel, are actually receiving direct information from the EGO. It’s pretty easy to spot most of the time. The suspect channeled works often contain predictions about alien interventions and other types of saviors coming to make the world an inhabitable place for the returning unicorns.

But today, I saw something that got my antennae tingling, and I found myself actually spending time reading a channeled article.

I’ve chosen to share it in bits, because some of it is a tad bit iffy for me, and I have italicized and emboldened the parts in which I found the deepest connection. I also cleaned it up a bit, as some parts are not in the clearest English, and the punctuation is a bit wonky. If you want to read the whole article you can find it here.

Below is written by channel, Renee Snider:

We are entering the vortex, the convex, the wormhole to the 4th dimensional foundation of the New Earth.  Many heads and hearts are spinning round and round seeking truth, seeking relief, seeking peace.  Looking outside, one will not find it.  It is not in the media. It is not in a building.  It is not in a book.  It is not in a class.  It is not in a certification. It is not in an approval.  You have all you need within.

The message and key to higher consciousness, to an expanded heart of love and compassion and closeness with the Most High is through your heart.  Quiet.  Within.  Peaceful.  Powerful and clear.

Earth is shifting frequencies and is about to change channels.  I felt the need, the pull, and the calling by many to come through in this way and others….to speak to you.  You seem to think I can only come through a church, or old book off the shelf.  Dear Ones, I LIVE AND LOVE IN EACH OF YOUR CELLS AND THE BREATH YOU BREATHE.  For I AM YOU.  YOU ARE me.  This is simply a task, a grand one at that, to undertake your Self in a human form for multiple purposes of love and expansion for your own Soul and that of other human civilizations other species, other universes and star systems.

I AM here to point the way.  GO WITHIN YOUR HEART. You will find ME there.  You must know that to tune yourself, to harmonize your being, to adjust your Self, you must go to your engine. Just like your car.  You don’t wash the outside of your car to tune the engine.  You must go directly in to align the parts.

Your engine is your heart.  Your life is in the physical and energetic higher heart. I am in this Place. Jesus The Christed One is also there.  This space only needs your love and listening.  As we approach a time that many still have yet to see, much to do with your numbness of movies, fears, voices louder than your heart and old past memories that are of Earth, not of your Godliness.  This must be reached back into.  Ask for help to know this.  Call upon the Legions of Angels, the Masters and Saints that you are comfortable with . . .  yet listen for the words and knowingness that comes . . . there is a line of communication for you to tune into . . . it is a frequency . . . as all things are. Your science is up to date on this. Seek it out for the human aspects as you need to qualify it. Yet above all, GO WITHIN!  Seek the love that you seek.  Seek the peace that you long for.  Find that I AM presence that is you in perfect form and knowingness, for in that space I hold you in holiness of empowerment of your Being.  As you move into this space, listen more and more you WILL hear.  For I am speaking LOUDER than ever. COME HOME. Home is a loving space in Heart Consciousness, that once there, will evidence itself in your world in the physical ways.  KNOW the space of love is an energy and from that space the more love is held the more the physical form will reflect it.

Time to come home.  Take the step. It is not the end of Earth, the time that approaches, but it is the end of Darkness of not knowing your true GODSELF . . . Be ye reborn in consciousness and the body, and in clarity.  It does not have to mean Death!  You can supersede that and go back to the freedom of form as you choose.  But you must now leave this realty by choice, leave the attachments, leave the limiting beliefs, leave the hate, the anger and fear and simply move into loving one another.  That is all that is asked.  If you love one another as your Self, then all will align and your entrance into this new expanded reality and way back to a path of being that you existed as before will show it self.

I think what I like about this text most is that when I check into my own heart, something I have been doing daily lately, the messages I receive are very similar to what is in the text above. I like it. I think it has a lot of value for anyone seeking to find their own truth.

Relatively speaking, I have been finding myself searching the internet each night, finding it almost difficult to pull myself away and shut down my computer. I think this is perhaps due to the fact that I feel this consciousness shift now more than ever. I know there are answers to questions I haven’t even begun to grasp. It is true, the soul’s seeking will not be satisfied from the without. All of what we are looking for lies within our heart centers. So do go within. Meditate and focus on your heart. Find your truth and hopefully we will all be able to “leave this realty by choice, leave the attachments, leave the limiting beliefs, leave the hate, the anger and fear and simply move into loving one another.”


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