Shift from Ego to Your Essential Self

I love Barbara Marx Hubbard. I believe she truly has the vision to help shift our culture into a higher vibration and into the next frontier of light and love.

Course Starts Monday, February 18, 2013 – but you can still join now.

Back By Popular Demand: Discover How You Can Make the Sacred Shift from Ego to Your Essential Self to Co-Create a Life and World Aligned with Your Spiritual Purpose

Never before in this pivotal moment in history – where we face societal breakdowns and breakthroughs on a grand scale – has it been more important to elevate our consciousness and develop a co-creative partnership with our Essential Self.

According to Barbara Marx Hubbard and Patricia Ellsberg, the Essential Self is the highest part of you that emanates the divine qualities of love, wisdom, wholeness and freedom. It’s your unique personal expression, freed from fear and limitation, a sacred offering to the whole of creation.

When you learn to shift your identity from that of the egoic “local self” to the magnificence of your “non-local” Essential Self and then beyond to your Universal Self, the highest frequency of your being, you become fully available to BE the change and become an activation point and catalyst for conscious evolution.

Through the 8-week Emergence Process, you will learn to live from your true essence, release the drama of life’s daily struggles and liberate your gifts of healing and transformation – at a time when the world needs YOUR full participation.

This powerful step-by-step course, with Patricia Ellsberg and Barbara Marx Hubbard, will give you the tools and teachings you need to successfully navigate this time of global transformation and consciously participate in the healing and awakening of our world.

This course is especially timely as together we nurture the emergence of a new era.

Through the expert guidance of Patricia Ellsberg, world-renowned social change activist, transformational teacher, one of the foremost teachers of the Emergence Process AND Barbara Marx Hubbard’s sister, plus Barbara’s inspired teachings, you will learn to access your divine essence and live with grace, confidence, creativity, purpose and joy.

When you experience The Emergence Process, you can expect your life to look very different at the end of the 8 weeks – as the many Emergence Process practitioners have shared with us. Here’s what you may experience:

  • You go about your day with greater ease and lightness, instead of feeling stressed or overwhelmed – even if your life is VERY full.
  • You feel centered and have more energy for doing the things you love to do.
  • You’re able to nourish others and yourself – the ultimate “self-care.”
  • You find easy solutions to situations that previously confounded you.
  • The “mask” drops; you relate to the world and those around you from your heart, instead of your head.
  • You develop a new identity and experience the bliss of the union between the human and the divine.
  • You recognize that you are the guide who has been guiding, the inner voice you have been hearing, the Beloved you have been seeking.
  • You integrate all levels of your being, emerging as your full potential self.
  • You’re able more fully to give your gifts to the world and be supported by an evolving co-creative community.

This transformative training will empower you to BECOME your Essential Self – the wise, loving, compassionate, powerful and radiant part of you.

You will move from fear into love and creative action, and be prepared to help catalyze this wave of planetary change.

Due to the extremely positive response to the Emergence Process and its relevance at this historic turning point, we are delighted to offer this course again as this process is a vital core teaching for anyone who wants to make their highest contribution to the Planetary Birth.

Patricia and Barbara have devoted their lives to personal evolution in service to societal transformation through Conscious Evolution. Their shared wisdom and history together growing up in the same family, as well as their deep love for one another, make this course a truly one-of-a-kind offering.

We invite you to sign up for this life-changing 8-week course by registering here.



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