Bob Moawad, my father’s favorite teacher.

My dad is a complete sports fanatic. He has no time to listen to wonderful speakers like Wayne Dyer or Harv Ecker or Jack Canfield. I’ve tried to share them with him. He always responded the same way with each attempt, “This is just some guy talking. This isn’t even interesting or entertaining.” For many years I kept trying to find a speaker he could relate to and listen to for inspiration. I did this because when I was a kid, my dad worked seemingly endless hours and, for a few years, during his long commute to work, he listened to tapes of this guy named Bob Moawad. He would rave about this man’s wisdom and try to impart some of his most inspired words upon us. Then the year came that he had to get a new car, and cars came with stereos that only had CD players in them. Over time, I believe my dad lost his precious Bob Moawad tapes with no machine to play them in. And his striving for better understanding on how to be a better father, provider, husband, human, sort of plateaued as most who don’t work on themselves will do. These years when my dad was immersed in Bob Moawad teachings were some of the easiest and best years of my childhood. For most of my formative years, he was often overly reactionary, and hot tempered. He was a great provider, but the work he did in this window of self improvement was immensely different and so much the better for the whole family.

For years I tried to find Bob Mowat, or Meauxwat or however you would spell it, to no avail. Somehow, maybe it’s just that it finally became available on the internet, I was able to find the spelling of his name in Google, and this is the one video of my father’s favorite and only spiritual/growth teacher I could find. I shared it with my parents in email today, and I thought I would put it out on my blog for anyone who might be drawn to it. Note that on my computer the first minute or so seemed to have no audio, but if you wait a little, it kicks in.

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