The Living Matrix

I learned Reconnective Healing from Eric Pearl and his team six or seven years ago and I use it almost every day. It is invaluable for the health of my animals, and those that I love and am close to. I see my Uncle, who is 85 years old, once a month to share the technique for his arthritis. It gives him such relief that he often forgets to take his pain meds for a few days after our time together. Ideally he would be free of arthritis pain forever after only a few sessions, but given his age and his strong belief systems, and the fact that it is his arthritis (in his mind) that keeps me coming back as a visitor, he clings to it. I get a lot of joy out of our time together and I’m glad I can bring with me some sweet relief. This is a very powerful method that when applied in the ideal circumstances can truly present what would seem miraculous to the eyes of many.

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