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I found this today and thought it would be beneficial to share. I have been using my own recorded voice, over-laying theta wave binaural beats music to change my on limiting beliefs and mindsets, but this is for anyone who doesn’t want to create their own or maybe can’t for whatever reasons. These are all free and downloadable.

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The Living Matrix

I learned Reconnective Healing from Eric Pearl and his team six or seven years ago and I use it almost every day. It is invaluable for the health of my animals, and those that I love and am close to. I see my Uncle, who is 85 years old, once a month to share the technique for his arthritis. It gives him such relief that he often forgets to take his pain meds for a few days after our time together. Ideally he would be free of arthritis pain forever after only a few sessions, but given his age and his strong belief systems, and the fact that it is his arthritis (in his mind) that keeps me coming back as a visitor, he clings to it. I get a lot of joy out of our time together and I’m glad I can bring with me some sweet relief. This is a very powerful method that when applied in the ideal circumstances can truly present what would seem miraculous to the eyes of many.

Here’s an oldie but a goodie!

The Lefkoe Method absolutely yours for free…

No strings at all. It’s worth the time.  Do it for yourself! Just click on the tab in the upper left hand corner in this link that says “eliminate a belief free

This is from Morty Lefkoe’s site:
“We’ve helped over 150,000 clients permanently get rid of limiting
beliefs.  Beliefs that were causing their biggest problems or that
were keeping them from getting exactly what they wanted in life.
We picked five of the most common beliefs and put them into an
interactive program on the Internet.

We discovered that the most common problem people have is a lack
of self-confidence, coupled with a concern with what people think of
them.  We’ve helped a lot of people get rid of that dual problem by
eliminating all the beliefs that cause those problems.

We picked five of the most important beliefs that cause
those problems and put them into an interactive program on the

As soon as we get feedback from you regarding anything that didn’t
work and what worked very well, we intend to make the necessary
changes and then offer this site for FR^EE to as many people as we
can reach.  In fact, our long-range goal is to have 10 million people
use this site.

Can you imagine the changes in people who no longer are afraid to
make mistakes, who no longer have a little voice in their heads
criticizing them, who know that they can make significant changes in
their lives easily and permanently, who don’t have to do anything
do become important because they know in their gut that they already
are, and who no longer worry about what other people think of them?

That’s what will happen to you and millions like you when they
eliminate the five beliefs on

So if you haven’t yet experienced the freedom that will come when
you eliminate the five beliefs yet–and if you haven’t had the
indescribable experience that awaits you when you do the “Who
am I really?” process (that requires you to eliminate a couple of
beliefs first)–I urge you to get started as soon as you can.”

If you have any other questions or comments, please contact me at


Morty Lefkoe
President and Co-founder
Lefkoe Institute
Eliminate your beliefs quickly … Change your life permanently–

The Lefkoe Institute, 180 Forrest Avenue, Fairfax, CA 94930-1805, USA
Buy the book here.

Bob Moawad, my father’s favorite teacher.

My dad is a complete sports fanatic. He has no time to listen to wonderful speakers like Wayne Dyer or Harv Ecker or Jack Canfield. I’ve tried to share them with him. He always responded the same way with each attempt, “This is just some guy talking. This isn’t even interesting or entertaining.” For many years I kept trying to find a speaker he could relate to and listen to for inspiration. I did this because when I was a kid, my dad worked seemingly endless hours and, for a few years, during his long commute to work, he listened to tapes of this guy named Bob Moawad. He would rave about this man’s wisdom and try to impart some of his most inspired words upon us. Then the year came that he had to get a new car, and cars came with stereos that only had CD players in them. Over time, I believe my dad lost his precious Bob Moawad tapes with no machine to play them in. And his striving for better understanding on how to be a better father, provider, husband, human, sort of plateaued as most who don’t work on themselves will do. These years when my dad was immersed in Bob Moawad teachings were some of the easiest and best years of my childhood. For most of my formative years, he was often overly reactionary, and hot tempered. He was a great provider, but the work he did in this window of self improvement was immensely different and so much the better for the whole family.

For years I tried to find Bob Mowat, or Meauxwat or however you would spell it, to no avail. Somehow, maybe it’s just that it finally became available on the internet, I was able to find the spelling of his name in Google, and this is the one video of my father’s favorite and only spiritual/growth teacher I could find. I shared it with my parents in email today, and I thought I would put it out on my blog for anyone who might be drawn to it. Note that on my computer the first minute or so seemed to have no audio, but if you wait a little, it kicks in.

An Unspoken Compromise

Sometimes I get asked to review books, and although I don’t take up the opportunity very often, at first glance I really liked the subject matter of a book called An UnSpoken Compromise: A Spiritual Guide for LGBT People of Faith written by: Rizi Xavier Timane, PhD, ASW.  As the subtitle would reveal, the audience for this book is fairly limited, targeting mostly LGBT or lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender people who happen to come from Christian backgrounds, and desire a religious perspective of support for who they are. When I chose to read the book, I was not aware of the subtitle. I would have waved this book off as something not for me, mostly due to the religious point of view. Rizi Timane is deeply passionate about his faith, and desires to extend that passion to others who may be confused about their place in the world due to many misguided religious teachings about “appropriate gender roles” in society.

None of that matters to me as the reader.  What I was really interested in was finding out about the author, a female to male transgendered individual, and others in similar situations. I wanted insight into the life and mind of a person with a gender identity that his or her physical anatomy totally opposed. I was also very interested in what his predicament was like while living in a place I have no knowledge of, Nigeria.  Instead, Timane took for granted that his audience would all be suffering members of the LGBT community, mainly transgender and Christian. So I learned about his personal turmoil, but not about what gender dysphoria actually means from an insider’s perspective. I did get a sliver, in one passage where the author briefly glossed over the physical anomaly known as intersex, but the main crux of the text dealt with overcoming religious discrimination. So I didn’t get what I was looking for, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the read.

I can see how An Unspoken Compromise could be a very empowering text for those who have suffered at the hands of family, friends and religious communities who are not accepting of their LGBT identity. Timane offers an educated analysis of scriptural verses that speak of homosexuality and condemnation, and argues that most of these examples are misunderstood because they are often taken out of context to support bigotry against LGBT people in contemporary times. It is written for a very select audience, but nonetheless, the words Timane offers to this audience are soothing and reassuring.  I hope that anyone who needs such condolences reads An Unspoken Compromise and finds peace in Timane’s words.

How to talk yourself into the vortex.

Yesterday, in an environment where others were fragile and emotions were high and volatile, I found myself being the eye of the storm. I effortlessly brought everyone around me into the calmness that was my buffer, my fuel and my aura. I laughed and danced with my co-worker even after he snapped at me briefly. I was like Neo waving away the rush of bullets, yet wearing the laughing face of the Buddha. I like this way of being.

“If you can wake up every morning, and think the thoughts you want to think, then nothing can keep you from anything.” ~ Abraham


I’ve been aware of this guy who channels this “entity” called Bashar for a while now, and the way he introduces this “personality” is just so theatrical and over the top, I always expected to see Renaissance Faire minstrels leaping out from behind the stage to accompany his message, so I never gave it a chance. But over the past two days I began watching this particular interview, and (I split it up over time because it is pretty long) I really found myself enjoying this message, and getting a lot from him too. I feel this is genuine and similar to Abraham in many ways. The way the message is delivered is a little more aggressive but that may just be due to the medium delivering it. In pretty much all cases as far as I can tell at the moment, the message is the same. So good.

Shift from Ego to Your Essential Self

I love Barbara Marx Hubbard. I believe she truly has the vision to help shift our culture into a higher vibration and into the next frontier of light and love.

Course Starts Monday, February 18, 2013 – but you can still join now.

Back By Popular Demand: Discover How You Can Make the Sacred Shift from Ego to Your Essential Self to Co-Create a Life and World Aligned with Your Spiritual Purpose

Never before in this pivotal moment in history – where we face societal breakdowns and breakthroughs on a grand scale – has it been more important to elevate our consciousness and develop a co-creative partnership with our Essential Self.

According to Barbara Marx Hubbard and Patricia Ellsberg, the Essential Self is the highest part of you that emanates the divine qualities of love, wisdom, wholeness and freedom. It’s your unique personal expression, freed from fear and limitation, a sacred offering to the whole of creation.

When you learn to shift your identity from that of the egoic “local self” to the magnificence of your “non-local” Essential Self and then beyond to your Universal Self, the highest frequency of your being, you become fully available to BE the change and become an activation point and catalyst for conscious evolution.

Through the 8-week Emergence Process, you will learn to live from your true essence, release the drama of life’s daily struggles and liberate your gifts of healing and transformation – at a time when the world needs YOUR full participation.

This powerful step-by-step course, with Patricia Ellsberg and Barbara Marx Hubbard, will give you the tools and teachings you need to successfully navigate this time of global transformation and consciously participate in the healing and awakening of our world.

This course is especially timely as together we nurture the emergence of a new era.

Through the expert guidance of Patricia Ellsberg, world-renowned social change activist, transformational teacher, one of the foremost teachers of the Emergence Process AND Barbara Marx Hubbard’s sister, plus Barbara’s inspired teachings, you will learn to access your divine essence and live with grace, confidence, creativity, purpose and joy.

When you experience The Emergence Process, you can expect your life to look very different at the end of the 8 weeks – as the many Emergence Process practitioners have shared with us. Here’s what you may experience:

  • You go about your day with greater ease and lightness, instead of feeling stressed or overwhelmed – even if your life is VERY full.
  • You feel centered and have more energy for doing the things you love to do.
  • You’re able to nourish others and yourself – the ultimate “self-care.”
  • You find easy solutions to situations that previously confounded you.
  • The “mask” drops; you relate to the world and those around you from your heart, instead of your head.
  • You develop a new identity and experience the bliss of the union between the human and the divine.
  • You recognize that you are the guide who has been guiding, the inner voice you have been hearing, the Beloved you have been seeking.
  • You integrate all levels of your being, emerging as your full potential self.
  • You’re able more fully to give your gifts to the world and be supported by an evolving co-creative community.

This transformative training will empower you to BECOME your Essential Self – the wise, loving, compassionate, powerful and radiant part of you.

You will move from fear into love and creative action, and be prepared to help catalyze this wave of planetary change.

Due to the extremely positive response to the Emergence Process and its relevance at this historic turning point, we are delighted to offer this course again as this process is a vital core teaching for anyone who wants to make their highest contribution to the Planetary Birth.

Patricia and Barbara have devoted their lives to personal evolution in service to societal transformation through Conscious Evolution. Their shared wisdom and history together growing up in the same family, as well as their deep love for one another, make this course a truly one-of-a-kind offering.

We invite you to sign up for this life-changing 8-week course by registering here.