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  1. Jesus was Jewish, and as an adult Jewish male, he would have been able to read from the Torah in Hebrew, and would also have known how to write in Hebrew. It is likely that he would have been able to read and write in Aramaic, also.

    I think you need to rethink your statement that he was not literate.

  2. Hi J Cotton-

    I’m not much for making major assumptions. Being that all of Jesus’ teachings that we find in the Bible are written accounts by people other than him, and they were all based on his verbal teachings, and the fact that there is no extant proof of his existence at all – it would be a wise thing to consider we know very little about the man and his life overall. You know what they say about assumptions…

    Peace to you.

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  4. Thanks very much, Sue, for putting up high the book notice here–I really didn’t expect it and it’s a pleasant surprise. Those who just want a sampling of the book’s ideas can visit its own website,

    Regarding the above comments about Jesus, the book itself does not argue whether Jesus was historical or literate, but simply that his ideas and approach were literary (poetic) and, as such, astonishingly logical and consistent and therefore credible, even as they were presented in the format of the Bible itself as literature. That’s why “Radical Christ” is really a “Biblical Criticism” (like literary, thus also philosophical criticism).

    Warm regards!

  5. I have read your note about the Sacred G Meditation (Cory Herter) and I would like very much to know more about it. The problem is that I canĀ“t find more of it in the Internet and wonder if you can help me.
    Best wishes
    from Lis in Sweden

  6. Hello,

    I was wondering if you accept guest post for your blog. If you do, I would like to submit a few. I’m a recent college graduate, with an English major, looking to build out my portfolio. I can write on a wide variety of topics and am sure you would be happy with the quality. Please email me back if you are interested. Thank you for your time.

    – Kathleen Hubert

  7. hello there i recently come back inside from viewing the moon, it was hanging in the air, right above the horizon. i live out in the country and tthere are some huge industrial windmills about 100 miles away,, i continued to view the moon and see that it was blocking the lights from the windmills, so it had to be between me and the mills right? what the fuck just happened

    • I’m going to have to suggest that you witnessed an optical illusion of some sort since the moon is almost as large as the Earth in size. There is no way it could have physically been located between you and windmills 100 miles away. Not sure how the illusion happened but you might want to contact an astronomer and find out if this is anything heard of before.

  8. you mention that the Seven Steps to your first Out-Of-Body Experience. are referenced from ‘The Book of Thoth’. What page of the book?

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