Help Yourself!

It all started when I was eleven years old when I discovered the amazing power of hypnosis first hand. After an unexpected session in front of a hotel banquet room of about 80 people, I discovered I had been inadvertently healed from several childhood illnesses. Over the years I’ve read several books and attended dozens of seminars and learned a handful of complimentary healing techniques.  All of these have enriched my life and made me better, wiser and clearer about where I am heading, what I love to do, and how to get there.  But there were still things that needed to happen, old programs and belief paradigms that had to be changed.  This handful of people below showed me how to access the pieces I was missing.

Believe me, there’s a much longer list I could include below.  I’ve participated in several different programs and made great strides with many of them, but these few are my tried and true.  In these three practitioners I found many of the most valuable missing links to my life’s improvement.  I’m still working on myself, as we all will be for eternity, and as time goes on, I’ll bring more to this page. For now I highly endorse these three. I get a small commission if you sign up to any of their programs or buy a cd or something. I honestly would never endorse anyone or anything that I haven’t already experienced and gotten amazing benefits from without making that very clear.


Carol Look is an EFT practitioner and she is amazing.  I’ve been using EFT every day for a couple years now.  I’ve seen changes in my personality, certain silly inhibitions have left me.  I’m clearer and more confident in myself and my talents than I’ve been my whole life.  EFT is largely responsible for these positive changes and Carol Look is the best EFT practitioner I have found.

Below is her website:

To go directly to her store:


Bob Doyle is my favorite teacher from The Secret.  I totally resonate with him because he’s more of a skeptic who leans to science to back up his findings.  He is the one who actually tipped me off to Carol Look.  I bought his Wealth Beyond Reason program a few years ago.  It is so good, well organized and you can track your own progress.  It’s a course, and education of sorts that you take at your own pace. He gives a lot of advanced information, but anyone at any level will benefit.  It is loaded with information to help you learn how to access the Law of Attraction to your advantage.  He’s gone 2.0 since I joined him so I’m sure his new program is even more amazing.  His link is:


Rikka Zimmerman is amazing.  I have no idea how she does whatever it is she does, but she has shaken my world and turned me on full blast to greatness in a really short amount of time.  You have to check her out.  Here is a link to a free tele-seminar on “How to Be Money,” you need to use to give her a try for yourself.  I don’t know what she’s doing, but holy moly!  I don’t really care because she’s affecting me in major ways.

Once again, I can’t recommend these three enough.  Do yourself a favor and make the small investment in your future!

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