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I found this today and thought it would be beneficial to share. I have been using my own recorded voice, over-laying theta wave binaural beats music to change my on limiting beliefs and mindsets, but this is for anyone who doesn’t want to create their own or maybe can’t for whatever reasons. These are all free and downloadable.

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The Living Matrix

I learned Reconnective Healing from Eric Pearl and his team six or seven years ago and I use it almost every day. It is invaluable for the health of my animals, and those that I love and am close to. I see my Uncle, who is 85 years old, once a month to share the technique for his arthritis. It gives him such relief that he often forgets to take his pain meds for a few days after our time together. Ideally he would be free of arthritis pain forever after only a few sessions, but given his age and his strong belief systems, and the fact that it is his arthritis (in his mind) that keeps me coming back as a visitor, he clings to it. I get a lot of joy out of our time together and I’m glad I can bring with me some sweet relief. This is a very powerful method that when applied in the ideal circumstances can truly present what would seem miraculous to the eyes of many.

Here’s an oldie but a goodie!

The Lefkoe Method absolutely yours for free…

No strings at all. It’s worth the time.  Do it for yourself! Just click on the tab in the upper left hand corner in this link that says “eliminate a belief free

This is from Morty Lefkoe’s site:
“We’ve helped over 150,000 clients permanently get rid of limiting
beliefs.  Beliefs that were causing their biggest problems or that
were keeping them from getting exactly what they wanted in life.
We picked five of the most common beliefs and put them into an
interactive program on the Internet.

We discovered that the most common problem people have is a lack
of self-confidence, coupled with a concern with what people think of
them.  We’ve helped a lot of people get rid of that dual problem by
eliminating all the beliefs that cause those problems.

We picked five of the most important beliefs that cause
those problems and put them into an interactive program on the

As soon as we get feedback from you regarding anything that didn’t
work and what worked very well, we intend to make the necessary
changes and then offer this site for FR^EE to as many people as we
can reach.  In fact, our long-range goal is to have 10 million people
use this site.

Can you imagine the changes in people who no longer are afraid to
make mistakes, who no longer have a little voice in their heads
criticizing them, who know that they can make significant changes in
their lives easily and permanently, who don’t have to do anything
do become important because they know in their gut that they already
are, and who no longer worry about what other people think of them?

That’s what will happen to you and millions like you when they
eliminate the five beliefs on

So if you haven’t yet experienced the freedom that will come when
you eliminate the five beliefs yet–and if you haven’t had the
indescribable experience that awaits you when you do the “Who
am I really?” process (that requires you to eliminate a couple of
beliefs first)–I urge you to get started as soon as you can.”

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Morty Lefkoe
President and Co-founder
Lefkoe Institute
Eliminate your beliefs quickly … Change your life permanently–

The Lefkoe Institute, 180 Forrest Avenue, Fairfax, CA 94930-1805, USA
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